Cheap Plane Tickets!

It was out honeymoon and I wanted to surprise my fiancee on our flight to Vienna. We planned to get coach tickets, but because of Cheap Biz Class Tickets, I was able to get business class tickets for 70% less than the original price. My fiancee always said that she wanted to try to fly business class on a trans-atlantic flight just once in her life. Why not on her honeymoon?

We needed a flight from LA to Vienna and we wanted to have as few stopovers as possible and still be flying in style. With Cheap Biz Class Flights, we were able to get from LAX to Vienna with only ONE layover in London. That’s great for ANY flight to Europe. I was so excited that I had a hard time keeping it a secret from my wife. It’s a good thing I bought them at the last minute because I don’t think I could have waited any longer.

Now that I know about Cheap Biz Class Tickets, I think I’ll also use them for business too. Sometimes I have to fly from LAX to NYC and it would be great to get business class tickets for SO MUCH less. I would be really excited to get the opportunity to save money on flights that would make my life so much easier! And my fiancee didn’t mind flying to Vienna and London in style one bit!


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CPR Certified in Sacramento!

I decided to start volunteering at my son’s school, but in order to be able to do so, I had to take CPR classes Sacramento from Professional Training Institute in order to become certified in CPR. I was annoyed at first because I just wanted to be able to come in and help the teacher aver so often, but I finally decided I would do my part to get the certification I needed to help out in class.

I signed up for CPR classes Sacramento through Professional Training Institute and it was so easy to get certified. I don’t want to say that it was TOO easy, but it was certainly something I was excited about because I don’t have a whole lot of free time without the kids. It was a fast class and within hours, I was certified in CPR.

Another thing I liked about CPR classes Sacramento is that Professional Training Institute also offers other great courses like First Aid and Adult CPR as well as CPR for Infants and Children. I really want to check out those classes someday because I think it may prove useful at some point, just to have the skills.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco

All New Smiles is a state of the art cosmetic dental facility in San Francisco Piedmont that is headed up by Dr. Josh Bernstein. Bernstein is a graduate of both UC Berkeley and University of the Pacific Dental School, where he gained valuable knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dentistry (San Francisco, Oakland, Piedmont). He is a leading cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area and continues to pursue the best technologies and practices for his patients every day.

At All New Smiles in Piedmont, California, you can receive cosmetic dentistry that will leave you feeling great about your smile and great about yourself. The services offered at All New Smiles by Dr. Bernstein are full mouth reconstruction, Invisalign, braces, bridges, bonding, all white fillings and many other popular services. Dr. Bernstein will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

One thing you can count on at All New Smiles is amazing new technology that provides for safe and accurate dental work that everyone will be happy with. We use dental lasers, low dose x-rays and virtual reality movie glasses for your upmost comfort and ease. All New Smiles is dedicated to giving their patients smiles that begin when they enter the office for treatment!

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Windshields and More!

It was around 2 and the morning and I was coming home from work (I work at a bar) and a big branch hit the windshield of my car. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept driving home (I was only a few blocks away). My windshield was completely destroyed. I was not happy about it. I did a Google search and found a company called Precision Auto Glass that cold come to my apartment and fix it.

I called them first thing in the morning and they were able to come right out to help me. It just took a few minutes and a few minor adjustments and all I had to do was make sure that I am totally fine to be driving my car around town again. When I thought about it, I realized that I was really lucky. I didn’t get seriously injured, nor was anyone else injured in the process. And I didn’t even have to leave my house to get it fixed!

The best part about Precision Auto Glass is that I didn’t even have to pay for anything. I mean, technically I did because I pay for insurance, but I didn’t have to pay anything for the repairs because Precision Auto Glass bills my insurance company directly. It was so easy, fast and convenient. I am so glad I decided to call Precision Auto Glass to fix my windshield!

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My Ticket to an All New Smile

Josh Bernstein’s YouTube Channel

I never really considered cosmetic dentistry before, but I also never really had the money for it. After I got a significant pay raise, I began thinking about ways I could use it for self improvement. I saw an ad for a cosmetic dentist in Piedmont called All New Smiles and realized that getting my teeth fixed would be a great way to treat myself after years of hard work and sacrifice.

I also decided to put some of that new money toward a gym membership. I was tired of putting my job first and my health secondary. I decided that it was important to take pride in my health and my appearance not only because I wanted (and deserved to feel confident), but because it means that it would help me get the confidence I needed to succeed professionally too.

The best part about getting my teeth fixed by Josh Bernstein of All New Smiles is how I felt about making my decision. Everyone at All New Smiles was so excited for what I was doing and was really encouraged by how I had decided to take my life and my confidence into my own hands. It was hard for me to love myself for so long, I just didn’t have the tools I needed to do so.

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Cold, Cold Air

Oh, boy I’m glad Alley Heating & Air, who specializes in heating Sacramento, called me back! If they hadn’t, I would be freezing my but off in my Sacramento home! Right at the beginning of winter I discovered that my heating unit didn’t work anymore. I was so excited to warm up, that I almost cried when it didn’t appear to be working. Lucky for me, I had hot chocolate to warm me up and Alley Heating & Air in my address book.

Alley Heating & Air was really fast to make sure that I would have fast and easy service. They didn’t take my call right away, bu they certainly called me back within 5 minutes! I was so excited when they showed up at my door 45 minutes later on a Tuesday night. I couldn’t believe they would be available to fix my heater!

They had my heater up and running within ten minutes! It seemed like it wasn’t a hard fix at all, and I was glad they took the time out to fix it for me. It was perfect because I still had time to warm up right before going to bed. I watched a movie and felt comforted knowing that my heating system was fixed! Thanks Alley & Co.!

For more information on Alley Heating and Air in Sacramento, visit Customer Lobby.

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Home Again, Home Again

After living in Tacoma for a job for three years, I’m finally moving back to Seattle. And I hired a professional Local Seattle Movers to do the move for me. This was a pretty big deal because it meant that I had accomplished my goal two years earlier than I had planned. I moved to Tacoma for a promotion and wanted to only work there for five years so I could come back to Seattle.

But I got promoted way sooner than I imagined, and had the opportunity to move back to my home Seattle. I really liked living in Tacoma, but t just wasn’t my first love. I always knew that moving to Tacoma was going to be a means to an end. I didn’t imagine that I would meet my future wife there, though. That wasn’t a part of the plan at all.

In fact, I was so focused on the job, that we almost broke up. But then I came to my senses and realized that even with a promotion, I wouldn’t get the things I needed without her. I knew I loved her, so I tried my best to make it work. And now she’s moving with me. Puget Sound Movers is consolidating her things with mine once we get to Seattle, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Retail Property via CBRE

Early in the planning stages of my business, I went to a networking event and met a gentleman who worked for CBRE. I talked to him for a while about life, my business, and of course my eventual need for retail property. He gave me his card, and three years later I used it to call him about acquiring or leasing property in downtown Sacramento. I had to find it buried in my desk, but I found it nonetheless.

I introduced myself again and he said, “Of course I remember you! You went to UCLA!” I was pretty flattered that he remembered me too, and remembered the details of our initial conversation. And by the time I had leased a property from him, he and I had become very good friends. But more importantly, he imported invaluable information about leasing property and running a business in the area.

I cannot endorse CBRE enough. Not just my own agent, but the company in general certainly had a lot to do with my account too. If, well, when, I grow my business, I know that my CBRE agent will be the first person I call! CBRE has made a huge difference in my business and personal life!

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The Right Time to Switch Therapists.

Of course, there really isn’t a “right” time to switch therapists, but there are a few things that you should know before doing so. Or, maybe you’re wondering if it just isn’t working out between you two. Remember, your relationship between you and your counselor Sacramento is a professional one. There should be no hard feelings if you decide your current therapist isn’t working out for you. Here are some signs that you should move on:

No progress. One sign that tells you if maybe this means of treatment isn’t working for you is if you don’t feel like you’ve been making progress. Of course progress will look different from person to person, but if you feel that you aren’t making strides, it might be time to move on.

No Willingness to Explore Other Options. Say that you don’t feel like you are making progress and you express a desire to try alternative ideas and means of treatment. If your therapist isn’t open to this, you should try to find another therapist Sacramento who can explore all areas of treatment with you.

Lack of Comfort. Seeing a therapist takes great bravery and trust; if you don’t trust your therapist, you won’t make the breakthroughs you need to make progress. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing personal details to your therapist for any reason, you should begin seeking out a new one.

Remember, there are a lot of great therapists out there, they may just not all be great for you!


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Hot Hot Hot

The weather this summer in Sacramento has actually been decent, especially in August, which is rare. It was even in the lower 80s and high 70s in the middle of August. However, around the weekend of the 16th, the weather took a turn for the HOT. Unfortunately, this was also the time that my air conditioner stopped working and I had to call Alley Heating & Air to come help me fix my broken air conditioner.

Of course the day it broke was also the same day as all of the fires in California. So, on a day that expert advised people to stay indoors, I wasn’t going to have an air conditioner. I was not very happy about this! I called Alley and basically begged for them to come over and fix my air conditioner. I was happy to know that I didn’t even need to beg– they were going to be able to come right away to fix my air conditioner!

Within 2 hours, my a/c was fixed and they didn’t even need to order new parts. I was impressed with their great service and even the accuracy with which they did the repairs. They didn’t try to get me to get any unnecessary repairs or parts, they were just fixing what was wrong and told me what to do to prevent it in the future.

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Pest Central

My grandmother bequeathed her old house to me in Antelope and I wanted to get it fixed up to either sell or use myself. But when I went to look at it, I realized I was going to need to call Pest Control Sacramento to help me get rid of the various spiders, mice, ants, cockroaches and termites that have made themselves at home in my grandmother’s Antelope home. It was pretty disgusting, actually. I was not going to even try to begin renovations without making sure it was pest-free.

Basically, my grandmother hadn’t done any work on the place since my grandfather died ten years ago. Especially since she was 86 when she died, she just didn’t have the energy or will to do all of the housework to upkeep the four bedroom house she raised her kids in. But the house was lovely, so I wanted to restore it to its proper glory.

I was expecting for it to take weeks for Specialized Pest Patrol to take care of the pests at my grandmother’s house, but it only took a few days to set traps and spray the property. I was very impressed by the turnaround. Now I know that if any of my residences have pest control issues, that Specialized Pest is the place to go! They were able to eradicate the pests and they were never seen or heard from again!


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Moving on.

It was after a particularly messy breakup and I was the one who decided to leave. This meant, of course, that I was also the one who needed to move and find a new place. I didn’t want him to help with the move, so I called my Seattle Mover Local Movers Seattle. They were happy to make sure my move was fast and easy.

I was going to be happy for an easy move, but especially for a fast one– I was not exactly thrilled about the fact that I would still have to go back to the apartment and interact with my ex and his belongings. I’d already had enough of that. But knowing that my move would be taken care of by a great team of local Seattle Movers made me feel so much better about the whole thing.

When I went back that day, the move couldn’t have gone smoother. My ex wasn’t even there, and so all I really needed to do was take my stuff and go. And don’t tell anyone, but I also took his favorite video game. There is just something great about a little nasty vindication for all that I put up with. Thanks, Puget Sound Moving!

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Selling Gold. Buying Opportunity.

For many, the ability to sell their gold to a trusted buyer is vital, especially if they are cashing it in to pay for medical treatment, living expenses and to purchase goods or services. Oxbridge House in San Francisco knows how important this can be, so they pride themselves in providing customer service and customer care that rivals any large retailer in the area.Why? Because they know that’s the key to a successful business.

The kinds of things that are most commonly purchased at Oxbridge House are gold jewelry and gold coins. When Oxbridge House’s customers come to them, they know that they will get a fair price for what they are selling, and that’s why Oxbridge House gets so many repeat customers– because of the service they receive.

There are many places someone could go to cash in their gold coins, necklaces and rings, but the best and most trusted place in San Francisco is Oxbridge House, where you’ll be treated like family and you’ll always get a fair amount for your traded gold. Oxbridge House is BBB business, accredited with an A+ rating!

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Design and Quality

California Window Masters came highly recommended, so I elected to use them when I needed a replacement window in my San Jose home. My son had been playing baseball and a ball went straight through the window. It was pretty embarrassing for him, but aggravating for me since I was going to be the one to replace it.

California Window Masters had just the window that would match the rest in our house. They even had the same brand and model of window that had been done by a completely different contractor. It was awesome! I am so glad I hired California Window Masters– they were fast and got the job done in record time.

Since we opted for the energy efficient windows, we’ve saved almost $20 so far this year on energy bills. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is to a person who Drinks Starbucks every day. $20 goes a long way, and I’m glad that I opted for energy efficient windows. I’m saving the planet and the world! Well, Earth at least!


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New Dentist, Old Worries

I finally started seeing the dentist again after a three-year hiatus. And this time, I was seeing a dentist in Roseville. I went religiously as a kid simply because my mother scheduled the for me. Even during college, I was good about going because I had insurance so I didn’t have to pay for it.

Now that I no longer have dental insurance, I have a hard time making the time and saving enough cash to have my teeth cleaned. Since I don’t want to pay for a teeth cleaning and whatever else they will find as a result of x-rays or diagnostics, I was reluctant to make an appointment.

But finally, at the age of 27, I scheduled an appointment to go to My Tooth Spa in Roseville. I was really happy that I went because there were many times that I would worry about my teeth. Visiting the dentist calmed my fears that I had a bunch of cavities. Turns out, I had one, but I got it filled the very same day!

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Short Sale, Fast Home

My husband and I were looking for a foreclosure or a short sales in Sacramento when we stumbled upon Short Sale- Sacramento. We had a meeting with the owner who assured us that he would help us find just the home we were looking for, so long as we were patient.

But it didn’t take long for us to find a home after all! After only three weeks, he called us to tell us there was a home on the market that he thought might be perfect for what we were looking for. And he was right because this three-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Natomas that was so perfect for us.

The home needed a little bit of work, but because we weren’t expecting to find anything so quick, we had plenty of time to fix it up before we moved in. We were so happy with Short Sale-Sacramento that we would most certainly recommend their services to a friend!

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Local Branch. Local Feel. Retail Real Estate.

CBRE retail commercial real estate in Sacramento is a great company to deal with because of the caliber of talent they have within the company—not only globally, but locally. I had several properties I needed to sell in Sacramento and I wanted them all sold by a reliable and professional company. Of course I turned to CBRE because of their reputation for great sales and service.

In addition to having heard great things about CBRE for commercial real estate, I also wasn’t sure of who else was even out there in Sacramento for commercial real estate simply because I noticed that CBRE has signs everywhere. I hardly noticed any other signage from other companies, so I took it as a sign (pardon the pun).

Ultimately, I chose CBRE to sell my commercial real estate because when I met with them to discuss marketing strategy, they were completely professional and had some amazing ideas. They are an ambitious team who don’t take sales lightly—they are all about high performance and I really respect them for that as a property owner.

CBRE met and exceeded my expectations for a commercial real estate in Sacramento. The local branch absolutely holds up to the standards of the giant corporation and still manages to feel like a small, local office instead of a branch. I am happy with what CBRE did for us and would absolutely use them again in the future.

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Enough Time for AC

I had had enough! The house was so hot and our few dinky window unit air conditioners weren’t going to hack it anymore. I was 6 months pregnant and couldn’t put up with the heat any longer. I called Alley Heating & Air and schooled an appointment. They’re a Sacramento a/c repair company with a great reputation.

They came out and took a look at the situation. They got straight to work. They removed the window units that existed and offered to get rid of them for me, which I was grateful for. One less thing to do. Then they got to work installing the new system. They were amazing. They worked so fast!

They got everything installed and up and running in no time. They really have been doing this a long time and it showed. I couldn’t have made a better decision. It’s improved my quality of life and is such a relief to finally come home to a temperature controlled house!

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Moving Right Along

It was finally time for me to move out of my tiny apartment that I shared with 3 other girls into my own place. I’d been living in San Francisco for 2 years now and saved up enough money to venture out on my own. I looked up San Francisco moving companies on Yelp and discovered Golden Bay Relocation, Yelp Movers in San Francisco right away. They have 5 stars with over 160 reviews which really caught my eye. I called them right away.

They were able to schedule my move, no problem. They quoted me right on the phone based on how many items I had and the general size of things. I told them I didn’t have anything packed up and they let me know they’d take care of it all. I gave them the go ahead, so when they showed up they brought all the packing supplies and everything they needed. I didn’t have to do a thing.

They got everything packed up and moved down to the truck faster than I could have possibly imagined. They really know what they are doing and have such a great team. Then we ventured a few blocks over to my new place and they got everything unloaded for me. They put everything where I asked them too, which was especially helpful for all the heavy items. Couldn’t have called a better company.

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My Dream Home

We were finally moving to our dream home. I had always dreamed of retiring in Seattle and it was all finally coming true. The only thing we had to get past was the move, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I had some terrible experiences in the past so I wanted a company that was reliable and going to get the job done. I heard about Puget Sound Moving of Seattle Tacoma and liked what I saw. They are a local Seattle moving company.

They gave me a quote based on the items we had and scheduled our move on the day we wanted it with no problem. They do everything, from packing it all up and moving it out, to setting everything back up in the new place.

When they arrived I was pleased with how well-mannered the staff was and how quickly they were able to do the job. Overall, they did an incredible job. They got everything packed up safely, and moved it out like nobody’s business. I’m so glad I found them!

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New Area, New Property

I wanted to move our small office to a new area of town. The one we were in wasn’t as lively as it used to be and it wasn’t an enjoyable place to work. I was worried about how much it would cost to find a place in some of the areas I was interested in and wasn’t sure where to even begin. I found out about CBRE, commercial real estate in Sacramento, they offer commercial real estate in the Sacramento area, so I gave them a call to see what they could do for me.

They met with me and I explained my situation. I let them know all of my wants and needs and the expectations that I had. They took everything into account and were confident that they had spaces that were sure to be the perfect match. I picked out a few with them then went to take a look.

The very first place they showed me was incredible and within the price point I was looking for. It was like magic. I couldn’t believe it had been that easy. I can’t wait to move our office hear and to take advantage of this wonderful space. I couldn’t have done it without CBRE.

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A Reliable Dentist

I was looking for a new dentist in Carmichael when I found My Tooth Spa, dentist Carmichael was right around the corner from my house. I’ve been going to a dentist in East Sacramento and really wanted a dentist who was closer to my house. Low and behold: I found My Tooth Spa in Carmichael.

I was also looking for a dentist with more comprehensive services. As I was getting older, and my children were too, I wanted to be able to go to the same dentist as I would for cosmetic and general dentistry. My Tooth Spa has both of those, which is really convenient for us.
Another thing I really liked about My Tooth Spa is that it offers Invisalign, which my teenagers have been asking about in more and more frequency. It’s really expensive to pay for braces or any kind of cosmetic dentistry, but I also think it’s something my kids really want. So I’m open to it and glad that My Tooth Spa offers it.
My Tooth Spa also has a helpful and responsive staff working there. I never felt like we were being any trouble to anyone and they were always happy to help us work out scheduling. My kids also felt really comfortable in the office—which was important to me because I wanted to build a positive experience for them at a young age so they wouldn’t have any negative associations with the dentist’s office.
We are very happy with My Tooth Spa in Carmichael and hope to go there for our dental needs for a long time.
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Newlyweds New Home

My husband and I are getting married this Summer and are looking to buy our first home together. We are both very new to this and really have no idea what all goes into buying a home. We definitely needed some help from someone who has done it all before and would be willing to work with us as first timers. My dad suggested I talk to ATK Team. He had worked with them in the past and had a great experience. They offer realty services to the Sacramento area. I gave them a call.

They were very helpful and excited to work with us to find the perfect home for us. We met with them and talked over the entire process and all of the expectations we had. They were very patient with us and explained everything in detail, making sure we understood it all since we were hearing it for the first time. They had some great ideas and showed us different options of what we could get for our budget.

We ended up looking in a couple different areas of town until we found the perfect area. They only showed us homes that were a perfect match for us, they didn’t waste our time or try to sell us something we didn’t really want. They ended up finding an incredible home that we both fell in love with before we even walked inside. It had just the charm we were looking for, was in a great area and was in our price point. I had no idea houses this cute were even available in that area. Thanks to ATK Team, we found our perfect starter home!

ATK Team also serves the Antelope area.

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Replacing Our AC Unit

We bought our house with the intention of fixing it up. By fixing it up, I meant the interior. What I wasn’t expecting was that we’d have to completely replace our AC. What a nightmare! I came home one day to a totally stuffy house, in the middle of Summer. I had no idea how long it was going to take to get fixed or how much it was going to cost us, and I was worried. I had no idea who to call, so I asked a neighbor for advise. They told me about Alley Heating & Air. They offer AC repair services in the Sacramento area and had great customer service, so I gave them a call.

They came right out and didn’t waste any time diagnosing the problem. I could tell right away that they were just an all around great company. Their employees were clean-cut, and very respectful of our home. They took a look and figured out what the problem was. We had to replace the outside unit. I didn’t have to wait a week or two for them to order in the parts like with most companies, they were able to install a new system that same day. They also offered me an extremely fair and competitive price compared to other companies in the area.

On top of it all, they offer service 24/7, so I know they will be there for me in the future whenever a problem comes up. They installed everything in masterful fashion, and had our air back up and running in no time. I can’t thank them enough for the excellent service they provided and for helping us out. What a great company.

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The Short of It

Why did I decide to do a short sale on my home? I was having trouble coming up with enough money to make my mortgage payments and didn’t want to start burying myself deeper and deeper into the hole I was digging. Short sales cost nothing. The bank ends up paying for it once the home is sold.

Short Sales-Sacramento agent offers the resources I needed to short sale my home. There are lots of details about short sales that I wasn’t aware of, so they were there for me through the entire process. They know every detail and took care of it all. They let me know that I wasn’t alone in the process and that I would be taken care of no matter what the outcome was.

Figuring out the actual value of the property was one of the hardest parts. They did a market analysis for me and were able to get it all underway. We also had to determine how much I actually owed on my property, among other calculations. I couldn’t have gone through this process on my own and was so happy to have Short Sale-Sacramento on my team!

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Looks and Windows Efficiency

We moved to the Bay Area not too long ago, but we also moved into an older house that needed some work. We hired California Window Masters to repair and replace our windows that were leaky and just plain inefficient. We are so glad we called them right away because it made a huge difference in the look and efficiency of our new home.

Because my husband used to work in construction, he has always said that the windows make the home. I never really believed that, but after we got our windows replaced by California Window Masters, I am a little closer to believing him entirely. Not only do new windows make the home appear cleaner and newer from the outside, they also affect the appearance indoors too.
In addition, windows can make your home more or less cost efficient. If you have windows that leak or are only single-paned, you may run the risk of cold or hot air seeping in through the windows, making it harder to cool or heat your house. My husband told me that after we had energy efficient windows installed in our home by California Window Masters, we saved 9% per month on our energy bill!
We can really see the difference that California Window Masters made in our home. It looks better and it works better—all things just because of replacing our windows! We still have some work to do, but I know that  we started off on a good foot with our remodel and we chose the best item to be repaired first.
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The Right Dentist For Picky People

We’ve been living in Roseville for 3 years now and still had yet to find a great dentist. I must admit, I am a little picky when it comes to oral care providers, but I wasn’t going to stop until I had found the right one for our family. I thought I was nearly at the end of all hope when I found out about Roseville General Dentist. They have a new office in Roseville so I decided to check it out.

I scheduled my teeth cleaning with them and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make an appointment, usually that can be a painful process that leaves you on the phone for 15 minutes. They were accommodating of my busy schedule and saw me quickly. I loved their office. It’s clean and comfortable, and made me feel immediately relaxed. The staff is very friendly too which was a big plus.

When they took me back for my cleaning I was immediately impressed. They made sure I was as comfortable as possible, and were sure to explain everything to me as they went along. I was never left wondering what was poking into my mouth or jumping out of my seat as a loud machine sounded by my ear. They were so great at their job and I am SO relieved! I finally have found the right dentist!

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Small Business Bookkeeper

My small business in Folsom needed bookkeeping help, but I wasn’t able to hire a full time employee to do the job. I had been struggling to do all the work on my own and just wasn’t able to keep up with it all anymore as our business continued to grow. It was hard to know who to trust, and I wanted someone who had experience with other small businesses like me. Fortunately I found out about e-Office Team and never looked back.

I called e-Office Team right away after I found out they work only with small businesses and non-profits. They understood my individual needs and I discussed my expectations with them. We came up with a specific plan and they customized their software just for my company in order to accomplish all of our goals and work as efficiently as possible.

I’ve been with e-Office Team for a few months now and the difference is mind blowing. I can’t believe I went on for so long trying to tackle all of our financial and bookkeeping needs on my own, when e-Office Team had been there all along! I now have more time for the important things, like running my business, and I know my financial needs have been put in good hands. I don’t know what my business would do without e-Office Team!

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Happy Tenants With Vending Machines

I own a bunch of properties in San Francisco and had been getting tons of requests from my tenants to provide vending services. I thought it was a great idea so I started looking further into a vending machine company in San Francisco and came across San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines Supplier. They are a smaller, local company and have been around for a long time so I know they were a great company to go with. They had great customer service and let me choose everything, from the types of machines I wanted to what would go in them.

All of their machines are up-to-date and they offer great snacks and drinks to go inside of them. Their customer service can’t be matched. They make everything so easy. After I signed up with them, no more work is required of me. They service and re-fill the machines each month and just bill you accordingly. It was such a relief to know that they had it all taken care of and that it wouldn’t be adding any extra work to my plate.

So far my tenants have been so happy with the new vending machines. They’ve been a huge hit. Everyone uses them regularly and loves the selection they offer. It’s was a nice way for me to show my appreciation to my tenants, and I know it makes a big difference to them. I couldn’t have asked for better customer service or a better company to work with.

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Backyard Safety

We had used Specialized Pest Patrol last month for an ant invasion we had, and as summer approached we realized there were a few yellow jacket nests having three kids under age 5 running around, I was very concerned about one of them getting stung while playing in the yard. We have a great play set for them in the backyard too, and I wasn’t about to let the yellow jackets stop us from enjoying our yard for the summer! I called Specialized Pest Patrol to see if they could take care of it for us.

It turns out Specialized Pest has dealt with yellow jackets a lot in the past and regularly remove them for their customers. I couldn’t have imagined trying to get rid of them on our own, they are just so unpredictable, so it was nice to know the professionals were going to take care of it for us. They came out and assessed where all the nests had formed and began the treatment and removal right there on the spot. They showed up with all of the equipment and tools they needed and got down to business.

It turns out there had been more nests than I had even seen. One was even right on our roof by our front door! They took care of the problem of us and now I feel so much better letting my kids play in the yard. We received great service and they fixed our problem!

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Making the Leap! to Cosmetic Dentist

Finally, My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks Orangevale and Gold River, has enabled me to feel great about my smile with its affordable and wonderful cosmetic dentistry. For years, I’ve been insecure about my teeth. But I never had the money to be able to afford to change them. Even though I don’t consider my self a shallow person, I found myself becoming reluctant to smile in photos and not smiling as much as I’d like to. And for me, that was a sign that I needed to change something in my life—I needed to seek out a way for me to feel not only goo, but GREAT about my smile.

I heard about My Tooth Spa in Fair Oaks and Carmichael when my friend was telling me how her dentist not only did her regular dental exams, the dental office also provided several cosmetic dentistry options. She told me that she was surprised because until then, she thought that only orthodontists could perform cosmetic dentistry. She didn’t have as bad of teeth as I did, but she admitted to considering getting Invisalign because she hadn’t worn her retainers like she should have after her braces came off.  She also told me that they offer veneers and teeth whitening.

After she mentioned that her dentist offered Invisalign, it got me thinking. If I got Invisalign, I wouldn’t have to even think about getting braces! Until then, I hadn’t even considered Invisalign because I thought maybe it wouldn’t work with my teeth or it would be too expensive. I didn’t see the point in fixing my teeth if I was just going to have to look like a teenager for another 2 years. I was 35, I didn’t mind looking younger, but not in that way!

So when I went home that night, I looked up the number for her dentist. On their website, I saw that I could make an appointment online, so at 12:00 pm on a random Tuesday night, I booked my first appointment to see if Invisalign would be right for me. I was both nervous and excited thinking about the possibility that I would be able to straighten my teeth invisibly and wouldn’t have to be embarrassed by braces like a 7th grader.

The next week, I had my appointment and got the good news that I was going to be able to get Invisalign afterall. I was so excited that I called almost everyone in my phonebook to tell them the news. Many of my close friends knew that my teeth were something I worried about so of course they were super supportive and excited that I was finally making the leap. I was finally doing something that would make me feel good about myself. I think everyone deserves that!

Currently, I am in my sixth month of treatment and I am already seeing huge improvements in the way I carry myself. I am more confident and I have a whole new perspective about getting what I want out of life.

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San Diego Movers Who Get It

Manpower Movers rocks! Why do they rock? Because they use eco-crates for their moves in San Diego. And to promote their eco-crates, they offer them for free. Yeah that right. For free!

So here’s a moving company in San Diego that offers a free program that saves their clients money, helps the environment and saves time. Manpower Movers actually drops off their eco-crates before each move so their customers don’t have to spend countless hours rummaging through grocery stores trash cans.

Even better yet, they pick up the eco-crates after each move. All I had to do is unpack my belongings and leave the eco-crates outside my house, and they picked them up. Simple as that.

Moral of the story, I used a moving company in San Diego who is environmentally conscious and not charging an arm and a leg for their service. Not many companies can say the same. On a side note, the move went without any problems. My final invoice was exactly what they said it would be so there were no surprises. Now, off to the beach. San Diego is a beautiful place. If you don’t live here you should.



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The Freelancers Move to Maui

view from my maui homeThis is the story of how my husband and I moved to Maui with the help of Maui Sales. What started as a joke ended up being a totally and complete life change we desperately needed.

Both my husband and I are freelance writers, so we can do our work remotely from anywhere. One day, as we were sitting in our offices, we joked that we should move to Maui and work from there. “It’s not like it would matter,” he said, “We turn in most of our work in the middle of the night anyway.” Both of us were silent for a few moments after that until I broke the silence with, “Let’s do! Let’s move to Hawaii!” We spent the rest of the night looking up housing and costs, trying to figure out if we could actually make it work.

Though we were up for half of the night researching the possibility of moving to the middle of the Pacific, we couldn’t sleep the rest of the night out of pure excitement. “Why not?” we posed. Why should we be stuck in the rat race of Los Angeles when we didn’t need to be there at all. Sure, we would miss our friends, but it certainly didn’t have to be a permanent move. After all, we had been renting for years and had saved up enough money to buy a home in LA, so why not move to a place that would bring us joy instead of traffic and infinite frustration about parking and soy lattes?

That night, while we were punching numbers and running figures as to what we could afford and where, we came across a real estate website that proved to be very helpful in our search. It was called and was run by The Smith Team, a Maui real estate company. We decided we would call them in the morning to immediately put out feelers as to what properties were available and which ones we could afford.

After making a phone call to their offices, we almost immediately booked a flight to Maui to meet with The Smith Team to look at properties. Sure this whole things seems a bit capricious, but my husband had been complaining about living in LA for years. We were ready for a change. Obviously, if we were hopping on the next plane to see how fast we could move in to a home in Maui.

Although originally, we were thinking of moving to Oahu, we decided on Maui because of its greater community feel. Every time we visit Oahu, we have a great time but we also feel like tourists. In Maui, however, we feel like part of the scenery. It’s hard to explain, we just feel more at home in Maui. So that’s how we ended up calling The Smith Team in Maui to help us find the perfect home for us.

And within the week we were in Maui, we had put down an offer on a house. After some negotiating, we struck a deal and would be able to call the place our home in a matter of weeks. Almost immediately, we felt an immense relief in having purchased a home in Maui. We are told that this is usually the opposite reaction to people buying property in Maui. But we were just so relieved that we were going to be leaving LA, possibly for good, that we didn’t have any regrets or sadness.

We were going to be sad about leaving our friends but we knew that we would get lots of visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t visit their friends if they lived in Maui? We are so happy now that we live in Maui that we wonder if we’ll EVER go back to LA!

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A Thanksgiving Family Rendes-vous

wine and cheese photoWhen my family’s Thanksgiving plans fell through last year, we had to get a little more creative. We were all supposed to go to Los Angeles to visit family, but the place we were staying at fell through. My whole family was still planning on taking the time off, but now we weren’t sure what we were going to do.  And because we were going to get free lodging from family friends, we didn’t have the budget to get a hotel room or condo for a family of five to reasonably stay in.  So what we needed was an idea for a “stay-cation.”

My brother and sister had made arrangements to either fly or drive up to Sacramento (where our parents live) so they also didn’t want to have to drive very much after that. Because I was the only family member in town, I was given the chore of finding something that all of us could do together, that wasn’t too far to drive, that wasn’t too expensive. I happened to mention this to my friend Julie, and she recommended going to the Old Sugar Mill for Sacramento wine tasting. I hadn’t even thought of that, so I was pretty happy to hear that it was only 20 minutes away from Sacramento and wasn’t very expensive at all, especially when compared to Napa wineries.

So I did some research to estimate costs and to see what else we could to together in the area, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wouldn’t be too expensive, even if we got lunch too. And I knew my brother would be pretty excited to hear that Rendez-vous Winery of Sacramento and Clarksburg, one of the eight wineries there, also sells (and samples) olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Since olive oil and balsamic vinegar are some of my brother’s favorite things, in addition to wine, I knew he would be totally on board.

Luckily, I didn’t even have to mention the fact that there was going to be olive oil and balsamic oil because they were all on board. They agreed that it would be a great way to spend time together without having to drive very far or spend a lot of money. So we made plans to visit the winery.

When we arrived (on a Friday), we were warmly greeted by all of the staff at each of the wineries. We ended up spending a long time in Rendez-vous Winery because they were telling us the story of the winery and telling us about their process and how the wines were made. It was wonderful just to drink some wine, learn more about it and spend time with the family I don’t get to see very often. In fact, we’ve already made plans to go again over Christmas!

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Kitchen Countertops as the Centerpiece of Our Kitchen

kitchen countertop islandIn the kitchen it’s the countertops that are the star. But if they aren’t done correctly, they can be anything but. Since countertops are the focal point, it was important to me that we find a professional countertop manufacturing company whose work we had seen before and found to be appealing. And even though our home is located in Roseville, we were totally fine hiring a company located as far away as San Francisco.

In fact, we spent quite a while looking for the perfect company do perform work on our countertops. My husband is an attorney, so he was especially insistent upon the fact that the company was licensed and insured. After two months of meetings, quotes and emails, we finally decided on Countertop Designs, Inc. And lucky for us, they were also located in the Roseville area.

The reason we went with Countertop Designs, Inc of Roseville was because when we went to visit their showroom, we were impressed by the craftsmanship as well as the technology they utilized to get the beautiful end result. When we were visiting the show room, we were impressed with their knowledge of brands and designs. One staff member recommended the materials we ended up going with because I told her about a pattern I’d seen in a magazine.

They also took into consideration functionality. Though we went in wanted to buy granite countertops, we ended up getting quartz because of its durability and the fact that the brand we got was antimicrobial. Especially in the kitchen, we didn’t want to have to worry about having to reseal the granite every few months. Instead, we would have the quartz for years without having to maintain it. Another benefit of purchasing quartz is that it is an incredibly hard surface and really tough to break. We have a new grandson so we are thrilled to know that he could virtually do it no harm.

Once we had Countertop Designs, Inc. install the countertops, it only took a week before we could use it. The project was incredibly easy and painless and we were impressed by how very accurate all of it was because of technology they have back at the warehouse. They told us when we received our quote that they have laser technology that allows complete accuracy so they only have to take measurements of the house and can perform the cutting and building back at their warehouse.

Overall, we are completely thrilled with our new countertops—we are absolutely sure we chose the right people for the job!

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Updating Our Store Front

storefront windowsMy wife and I own a boutique design studio in Sacramento and have been saving for renovations for years. Highest on our list of “needs improvement” was the storefront. The windows needed replacement, and the exterior, a general facelift.  But we simply didn’t want to spend the money.  We joked that our vintage (read: outdated) storefront made us unique. When really, it wasn’t good for business. We had a modern showroom that required a modern storefront. After a client made a comment about the storefront, we decided it would need to be renovated.

We have never needed to replace storefront windows before so we didn’t have a clue where to start finding a company who would install commercial windows and/or storefronts.  On a whim, we decided to all the company that did our home windows, to get a referral, American Windows Manufacturing. We were happy with our windows so we figured who better than to recommend a commercial window manufacturer. When we called American Windows, we found that they also do commercial windows and storefronts. Immediately, we set up and appointment to have our storefront designed for us.

When we had our consultation, it was nice to be working with someone we already knew and trusted. For our business, we spent much more time deciding on options that would be best for the studio. We ended up incorporating energy efficient windows because we pride ourselves on being a company with a focus on green living and help other people design greener homes. It was great to have the option of energy efficient windows for our storefront because it gave us a chance to practice what we preach as designers.

The installation process was easy too and didn’t us a way from too many business days. They even came in on a holiday to make sure our needs were met. Immediately after the storefront was finished, we knew the gestalt of the studio was changed for the better. The whole studio looked more modern and professional. It was such an improvement that we wished we had spent the money much earlier because we are already seeing a return on our investment. We couldn’t believe that American Windows helped us improve the look of our home as well as our office.

In fact, the client who told us to look into renovating our storefront was so impressed, that she hired American Windows to complete a project at a hotel she owns and manages. It was a treat to be able to give back to American Windows after they gave so much to us. Plus, the energy efficient windows helped us save money too!

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The State of Maui’s Real Estate Economy

The skyline of MauiThe Hawaiian island of Maui, like many other regional economies, has been negatively impacted by a floundering economy. Especially reliant on tourism, construction and real estate, Maui has sustained substantial injury to its economy because those industries are largely consumer-based. When consumers don’t have a disposable income, they are reluctant to spend money on travel, real estate and new construction. Though local economists have seen growth in these industries, it remains uncertain how their slow recover will affect each other in the long term, as these industries are indirectly related.

Although Maui has seen a decrease in unemployment, its all-important tourism sector has not yet caught up in terms of stimulating the local economy. Of course Maui isn’t the only island slowly recovering from economic recession, but Maui remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Pacific. And while some industries have seen slow improvements, tourism remains the largest and most influential in Maui.

In the first half of 2012, Hawaii’s visitor expenditures totaled $7.1 billion, nearly double that of last year’s numbers. And in June, visitor expenditures set a record for the month, landing at $1.2 billion. Normally, experts would expect this surge to affect the surrounding economy, but instead they are seeing a very slow increase in other industries.

One industry affected by a slowed economy is the construction industry, which has seen a decline in residential, commercial and especially public works projects. Though it had a rough first quarter, it did see improvements as a result of award of bids in the public sector. Though it is moving slowly now, experts expect that new commercial construction as well as public works projects such as the Honolulu’s rail transit will continue to grow.

Real estate, while booming in Maui not too long ago, has also seen a significant decline as of late. The residential real estate market in Oahu has risen, but real estate sales in neighboring Maui have remained stagnant. Sales of single-family residential units were down 1 percent from the previous year totaling 440 units. Though this isn’t a dramatic decrease, those in real estate had hoped the industry would at least be seeing small increases by now.

That isn’t to lose hope in the local economy in Maui. It is still moving forward, no matter how slowly. It is encouraging to see such high numbers especially in tourism, the largest industry of Maui. It is now simply a matter of waiting for other industries to follow suit.

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Property Management Company or Self Management?

family in granite bay homeThis is a question that I really struggled with when I bought my first investment property. After weeks of research and grappling with both ideas, it hit me. What was my purpose for owning the investment property? What was I expecting from the property? Once I realized that outlining my objectives would help me make the decision, choosing between a property management company and self management was simple.

Let’s take a look at the first question. What purpose did my investment property hold? I actually owned 3 properties at the time. One was in Citrus Heights, another in Granite Bay, and the last one was in Folsom. The purpose of my properties was to build wealth ‘long term’. It was not a short term business venture, thus trying to maximize profit was not completely necessary. I was looking for a sustainable property management model that over time would cover my mortgage.

The second question was also simple to answer. What did I want from the property? Well, I wanted passive income, and wanted the property to run itself. I had a full time job, a family. And didn’t have the time nor did I want to make time for my property. Time is so important that once I answered this question, I knew a property management company was for me.

Once I made the conscious decision to use a property management company, I did some research in my local market. During my research of property management companies, I kept stumbling across Vienna Property Management. Vienna Property Management is one of the premier property management companies in my area. Vienna PM operates out of Citrus Heights, Lincoln, Folsom, and Granite Bay.

After contacting Vienna Property Management and discussing our property contracts and agreements, I knew I had made the right decision. By letting Vienna PM manage my property, they took a huge burden off my shoulders. At the end of the day, they helped me accomplish my objectives with my investment properties. I now have passive income, have my mortgages covered, and don’t have to spend anytime with the property, and I can focus on how to best spend my weekends with my family.

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Great Dental Practice in Carmichael and Fair Oaks

sitting in the dentist chair with my carmichael dentistAfter being without dental insurance for a year and a half, I realized I hadn’t been to the dentist in almost the same amount of time. When I got my new job (along with new insurance that included dental coverage), I decided it was finally time to pay the dentist a visit. But because I had moved since my last dental exam, it didn’t seem practical to travel back to my hometown every time I needed to see the dentist. So I quickly ran a Google search to see what my options were in Carmichael. I browsed a few websites, but ultimately chose Dr. Teresa Deguzman at MyToothSpa because I liked her philosophy of “gentle dentistry.”

I have to admit, I was a little anxious about my first visit to the dentist. Not because I was afraid of the dentist in general, but because I had a feeling I would need a great deal of dental work done. When I arrived at the Fair Oaks office, however, I immediately felt as ease. Not only was the office modern and well designed, the staff was friendly and professional. Just looking around at the layout of the office made me feel like I could trust My Tooth Spa as my dentist Carmichael.

Once I was seated in the dental chair, I was still nervous, but I felt like I was in good hands. The dental hygienist was polite and tried not to ask me too many questions as she was cleaning my teeth. One question she did ask me was how long it had been since my last visit. I was reluctant to answer, fearing condescension, but I told her how long it had been, and she merely replied, “Oh, I wish we could see you more often!” She didn’t scold me like I thought she would, even though I probably deserved it.  Instead, she still made her point without making me feel worse than I already did.

When Dr. Deguzman came in to meet me, I was surprised with how professional yet casual she was with me. It really helped to calm my nerves, especially as she was about to go over the results of my x-ray with me. As it turned out, I had only one cavity to be filled. Of course, in my imagination, that number was much higher. She even told me that I have taken excellent care of my teeth and that some patients are just more susceptible to cavities. I would have to return for another appointment but now I wasn’t at all nervous about it, knowing I would be comfortable and relaxed during the process.

Now that I have dental insurance, I will have absolutely no qualms with making sure to see Dr. Deguzman and her staff twice a year. It may sound weird, but I’m almost looking forward to it. Plus, I learned that because I booked my appointment online, I get free teeth whitening for life! Best dentist ever? I think so!

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Staying Competitive in the Moving Industry

Chess game used as marketing reference to staying competitive for moversIn today’s economy staying in business and remaining profitable can be a challenge. The housing market is in the dumps, unemployment is high, and economic growth is flat. In the moving industry however, there are even more challenges. Market saturation adds to the challenges of staying in business. There are simply too many competitors and not enough people moving or wanting to pay for a move.

During the economic boom of 05-08, the moving industry was busier than any other period in time. People were constantly buying new homes, improving their living situation, and the moving industry was right there to help people get into their properties. This created a bubble within the industry that allowed for more moving companies regions could handle.

In San Diego, the boom opened the door for dozens and dozens of moving companies. San Diego has historically been a good city for movers. San Diego Movers provide services in some of the most beautiful and affluent areas in the country. Because many people have disposable income, they often hire movers to help them move. San Diego movers like Manpower Movers have leveraged the internet to stay competitive. Moving Companies almost have to do so to remain above the fray.

To stay competitive, San Diego movers seem to be leveraging Google, and sites like Craigslist, Angieslist, and Yelp. In a saturated market, moving companies that don’t cater to the consumer driven websites will find it tough to stay in business. Since there are so many companies to choose from, and not as many people using moving companies, consumers are finding companies on Google and then cross referencing them on review sites to make sure the company is established, is in good standing with past consumers, and offers competitive prices on moves.

To remain profitable, the traditional forms of marketing are no longer working in the moving industry. Moving companies who stick to traditional forms of marketing like the Yellow pages or local newspapers are dropping very quickly. Remaining competitive for San Diego movers and movers in other cities involves staying agile and adapting to market conditions online very quickly. The companies who don’t adapt will more than likely find it tough to keep the bottom line out of the red.

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What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

older couple with dental implantsThere are many reasons why you and your dentists Fair Oaks may decide that dental implants are the best option for restorative dentistry. If you suffer from tooth loss as a result of gum disease, injury or tooth decay, dental implants offer a solution that is both functionally and cosmetically effective. Previously, the only options for tooth loss were dentures and bridges, but with implants, you can have the look of natural teeth with the security of natural teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent option for tooth replacement because they replace the tooth as well as the root, providing support and stability. Your teeth affect not only the way you look and eat, but also the way you speak. Because they are attached to the jawbone, dental implants don’t move around, which can affect the way you normally eat and talk. They also look and act like your existing teeth, preventing tooth replacement from disrupting your everyday life. In addition to being the most natural way to replace your teeth, they are the most permanent and can last for your entire lifetime.

The process of getting a dental implant is very detailed and particular because your dentist will want to make sure the implant will be inserted in a precise location. Especially because the jawbone will be involved, your dentist may also need to take a CT scan or x-rays. Since the procedure involves gums and teeth, a periodontist may need to assess your gums as well. In order to perform the procedure, the periodontist will want to be sure the gums are healthy enough to support the new implant.

The actual procedure of completing a basic dental implant is relatively straightforward in that a small post made of titanium is inserted into the bone socket where the missing tooth was. During the healing process, the jawbone grows around the metal implant, securing it as if it were an actual tooth. After the implant has bonded with the jawbone, your dentist will attach a crown to the abutment (the metal post attaching the implant to the crown). The crown is made by taking molds of your existing teeth to create a look-alike model that will fit perfectly into your smile. After the procedure is performed, it can take up to six to twelve weeks to heal.

While the procedure is relatively painless (only local anesthetics are used), it is still important to talk to your dentist to make sure dental implants are right for your lifestyle. If you have chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease, your dentist may advise an alternate option for your safety. Barring those conditions, dental implants are an excellent way to replace a tooth (or teeth) with results that are the most natural and enduring.

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Alleviating Your Childs Fears When Visiting The Dentist

Boy getting dental work in sacramento caChildren can become anxious at the thought of doing new things, especially when it comes to going to the dentist. As a parent in Sacramento CA, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your child has the best visit possible. It is okay for your child to be a little afraid of visiting the dentist, but you should make sure that you are helping them overcome their fears, and not creating them.

There are two types of fears, subjective and objective. Subjective fears are those that are experienced indirectly. For example, if an older sibling tells a child how much it hurt when she went to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned, that child may become fearful as a result of hearing that. In contrast, an objective fear is one that is based directly upon something that has been experienced directly. In this case, a child may be afraid of going to their dentist because they had a negative experience while they were there. There are a small percentage of patients who are actually phobic, whereas there are more who are simply averse.

Another type of fear that may affect how your child responds to their dentist is an inborn fear. Children are innately afraid of loud noises and the fear of falling so it’s no wonder they may become frightened while in the dentist’s chair. The drill may scare them, so it’s important to show them all of the tools that will be used and how they will be used to assuage any fears they may have simply when confronted with new experiences.

While many dentists prefer the parent stay outside the room while the child is being treated, it is alright to join them for at least the first visit to the dentist. In addition, parents ought to use only positive reinforcement when preparing their child for an appointment. A parent should never tell their child that their experience will be good only if they behave because it puts too much pressure on the child. Instead, we suggest you tell them that they will be meeting a friend who will help clean their teeth with a special toothbrush and they will get to sit in a special chair. That way, the experience will have no negative connotations and they aren’t worried about their behavior in a stressful situation.

As a parent, you have a lot of control over the attitude your child will have toward the dentist. Children pick up on your fears as well, so if you have anxiety about going to the dentist, more than likely your child will too. Above all, dental health should be taken seriously and it is important to instill skills and attitudes toward it at an early age.

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Investing in Portable Solar Panels for your Home

Environment conscious folks are slowly but steadily embracing the sun as a source of energy to power their homes. Although the initial setup costs for installing portable solar panels are a bit on the higher side, over the long run, the savings off the utility bill more than justify the early installation costs. Not only that, but the personal gratification that you’ve done your bit to make the Earth a greener planet will make your heart fuzzy and warm.

Financial Prudence When Selecting Portable Solar Panels

Do you think about investing money in solar panels for your home? This is a very good idea, especially if your house is located in a place with a lot of sun. A place where there are no mountains, high buildings or lots of trees is ideal. Electricity is going to be very expensive in the near future and having this alternative for your electrical needs, at least during the day, is a great chance that should not be missed by anybody. A lot of people are wondering how much are solar panels going to cost them. Now, they are not very cheap. You will have to invest at least $4.30 per watt, but they have a long lifespan and the government offers rebates if you apply for one of the programs available, so the final investment is not going to be huge. The portable solar power systems are now very popular, as they are easier to install and much easier to handle, so think about investing your money in such a system.

Making the best choice regarding portable solar panels

When you plan to invest money in solar panels for your home, you have to be sure that you are making the right investment. In order to be sure, all you have to do is to answer to some questions, such as whether or not the house is located in a good place for the solar energy and whether or not the needs can be covered by such a system alone or you’ll still have to take advantage of the conventional electricity system. However, the solar panels are recommended if you want to significantly reduce the electricity bill, so take into account the possibility of purchasing portable solar panels for your home. In fact, some flexible portable solar panels are easy to carry around and can be used at home and on the go. Embrace solar energy, embrace Mother Earth.

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Tips on Shopping for the Best Cookware

If you set foot inside a department store at the cookware area, you will find that there are virtually hundreds of brands to choose from all stacked in their shelves. Almost every piece of cookware look alike and the only thing that distinguishes one from the other is the brand imprinted at the bottom, which makes it even more confusing. But you see, if you know a lot about cookware, you will find the differences to be very glaring and you can even see the tiniest detail that demarcates one from the other. Unfortunately though, not everyone has this gift and when you stare into two pieces of cookware having different brands but more or less have the same features, a day wouldn’t be enough for you to identify which among those is the best cookware for you. Here’s a tip, before you shop for cookware and before you splurge your money over it, we suggest that you learn about them. It would always be best if you have enough background knowledge on every item and on the most popular brands of cookware today so that you can be able to see and to know which items are worth every penny.

You can start by reading blogs and archives about cookware. There are those who make articles and write-ups on brands they highly recommended and they also include the pros and the cons of certain items. You can learn a lot from these blogs and you can even use it when you’re out shopping for the best cookware.

Another thing that we would like to reiterate is that you must know your cooking style. This saves you from spending money over cooking ware that you barely even use. So don’t be persuaded by the brand or the enticing appearance of those shimmering pieces of metal, because if you can’t find any reason for you to use it then you’re just actually buying one only to store it in your cupboards to collect dust.

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Top Advantages of Having 800 Numbers

Businesses employ different business strategies to advance their plans and meet their objectives. All these strategies have their strong and weak points, so to make sure that business owners pick the right strategy that best suits their business, they set aside some time to fully understand their options. Some of these strategies work well for big companies, while others are designed for small-time businesses. Some involve complicated and lengthy processes, while others are simple and straightforward. There is one simple strategy, however, that is good for all types of business, and this involves a very simple procedure. If you’re a business owner who is currently looking for a cost-effective way to increase sales and profit, consider introducing 800 numbers at the office.

What are 800 numbers?

An 800 number is a toll free telephone number that allows your target market to get in touch with your company without having to pay any kind of fees for their call. If your company has an 800 number, your customers will be able to get in touch with you anywhere they are in the country or in the world.

Why should you get an 800 number?

First, 800 numbers increase your customer base. In the business world, consumers prefer companies that they think are reliable and trustworthy. With a toll free number, your company will be viewed as highly professional and a business that truly cares about the needs of its customers. Next, an 800 number is a great way to increase sales and profit. As previously mentioned, 800 numbers are reliable in the eyes of consumers. So when more people get in touch with your company, more people will be more interested in your products or services. Some people may not patronize your products after they call, but be patient. In time, you will witness a tremendous growth in your sales volume.

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Overcoming Hair Loss in Women

This article is dedicated to all the women who are battling with hair loss. This is an insightful article that will teach you why hair loss in women happens and this is also presented in the hopes that it could somehow uplift those who are currently struggling with hair loss knowing that they aren’t the only ones and that there are thousands to even millions of women out there who have successfully coped with this problem and have even found solutions to prevent it from coming back.

Women are known to be more self-conscious and they pay more particular attention to their looks as with the men. Somehow, society has learned to embrace this fact and has welcomed it without prejudice. This is also probably why beauty salons and parlours get crowded on weekends because women always take the time to beautify themselves. So when one day they discover strands of hair entangled in between the teeth of their comb in unusual numbers, they would almost always get into fits of panic to the point that they could even fall into a state of depression. What could be more mortifying than being bald? Bald women equate to the sickly and the dying and no woman would want to be labelled as such.

Let us focus on the most common form of hair loss in women called telogen effluvium. This condition usually arises when your body gets physically beat up with stress. If you think you’ve been stressing yourself with work lately then maybe it’s high time that you request for a vacation leave if you don’t want to wake up the next day in a bed all covered with fallen hair. You don’t have to go shop for a wig or spend thousands of dollars over medication because fortunately with this condition, your hair will grow back to normal approximately within six months

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How to use Document Management for your Personal Finances

Do you have a box under your bed that holds all of your bills and other pieces of financial information that are important? Even if you have these kept away in a filing cabinet, they are not safe. It’s important to make sure these vital pieces of information are kept safe so they won’t get ruined even if something happens to your home. Not to mention you will reduce the risk of identity theft when you don’t have a bunch of personal information lying around. Electronic document management for your finances is a much better decision. The steps to do this are easy!

document management

Document Management Service

1) The first step is to use a scanner and your computer. If you don’t have a scanner, invest in one! These are really cheap and you will get a lot of use out of it. From here, grab all of your papers that are vital for you to keep. Separate them into different sections so you have one pile for bank statements, one for mortgage information, credit cards, etc.

2) From here, create a new file for documents on your computer. There should be a file for each pile that you have, including one for miscellaneous expenses and financials. Once you have done this, start scanning all the papers in one of the piles into your computer. After they have all been scanned, you will attach them to the appropriate file!

3) Repeat this until you have all of your papers scanned into the computer. Make sure to back up the files with an online program. Do this each time you add something new so they are safe even if your computer goes down or stops working. Shred the papers that you already scanned so you don’t have to worry about them. This will make it easy to track your expenses without risking your personal information.

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How to Gain more Energy throughout the Day with Herbal Supplements

Everyone starts to feel a little bit sluggish after the morning has passed and the end of the day is nearing. Getting through this sluggish feeling can help out with focus and can make the day go by much more quickly! There are herbal supplements that can help boost energy and make you feel alive throughout the day. These are better choices than harmful pills and drinks that have a lot of sugar and toxins in them.

Reasons to use herbal supplements?

There are a lot of energy drinks and pills on store shelves, but do you really know what is inside these? Instead of taking the risk of consuming something that is bad for you, take something that is natural. The herbal energy supplements that are available are made with natural ingredients. These vitamins and minerals provide your body with the nutrients it needs to naturally wake up and get active! Within a few short minutes you will feel a lot better than you did before taking the supplement.

Some natural ingredients to look for include: Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Ginseng, Maitake and Bee Pollen. By taking a supplement with any of these in it, you will be giving your body something it can benefit from.

How will you feel?

After taking the supplement, you are going to be clear headed and able to concentrate a lot better. Instead of bouncing off the walls like you might with sugar drinks or pills, this is going to just make you feel energetic. You will be able to get things done at work, exercise for longer and feel better in the afternoon.

These supplements are great to use along with exercise if you want to lose weight and get in shape! Everyone can use some energy throughout the day and all natural herbal supplements can help a lot.

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D&D Dice – Dungeons and Dragons Most Distinguishable Feature

For over three decades, Dungeons and Dragons has become the best-selling role playing game in the world. Ever since its creation in 1974, it has constantly evolved but old and new gamers continued to patronize this board game. One of its distinguishing features is the d&d dice. It does not use the ordinary six-sided dice; rather, it has special polyhedral dice. There is a total of seven dice and named according to the number of sides- a four-sided D4; six-sided D6; eight-sided D8; ten-sided D10; twelve-sided D12; twenty-sided D20 and ten-sided D100 with numbered increments to 90. The multitude number of dice allows flexibility of the game and several twists and turns. In this game, the players will assume the roles of different characters such as dwarves, elves, magicians, thieves, halflings and humans. These characters also differ in strength, intelligence and other skills. One player will take the role of Dungeon Master who will serve as the storyteller and moderator. Before a character implements any action, permission from the Dungeon Master is required. They will both toss a dice and should the player end up with a higher number, then he can do what he desires. Dungeons and Dragons rake in plenty of patrons since the game is open-ended and anything can happen. Creativity and imagination both play keys in making the game more exciting and thrilling.

Since everything about Dungeons and Dragons is atypical board game, the set includes a guide book with rules and modules. It is imperative that players read this in advance so as to avoid any conflict while playing. Among the activities and actions included are solving mysteries, entering dungeons, and battling with ogres and other mythical creatures. Through the years, Dungeons and Dragons  has undergone several revisions but most players still opt for the original one published in 1974.

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Why one should ask the Help of a Raleigh SEO company

Are you trying to transform your small, local online business into a big, international one? Your business can transform into a very profitable one with the help of a Raleigh SEO company optimizing your website. How is this possible? All successful internet marketers already discovered the huge benefits coming from SEO services provided by specialized companies. An SEO company will practically advertise your web site. The SEO experts will use excellent keywords, Meta tags, hyperlinks and any other type of tool in order to advertise your web site and your business; if the SEO expert is a really skilled one, he can even obtain a first page ranking in any search engine. Studies showed that internet users are attracted by the first links that appear in the search engines, so those links are the most visited ones. The web sites that stand behind those links are visited by a lot of internet marketers, so they gain more customers than usual. Since a Raleigh SEO company can help your business become a very profitable one, you should ask the help of one.

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Property for Sale Parklands can turn out to be a very good Investment

Investing in a property for sale Parklands can be good move for those who want to move away from the city center. With the hurly-burly of the city sometimes too much, a house in Parklands would most likely be a great escape. What would then be good reasons to have those properties? First and foremost, it provides a good escape, as mentioned from the hurly burly of city life. Stress, pollution and noise are some factors that can be considered stressful not only to parents but children as well. Furthermore, towns outside the cities are relatively safer than their cosmopolitan counterparts. Another good advantage of having properties outside the city is that it builds status. Might not be much of a conscious thing, but having a property outside the city can unconsciously boost impressions of economic status and standing among people. Just for the brevity of it all, having a property in Parklands ensures a great weekend escape from the city.

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Difference between Fertility and Infertility

Fertility, in most medical terms, is the ability to conceive and have children. Fertility can also be described as the ability to become pregnant or to impregnate. Infertility is defined as the failure to conceive and give birth. As fertile women add a number of offspring in this world, sterile women may somehow almost get neglected by the public. In some countries, the factors that may contribute to the serious topics about infertility can become a serious problem to all. It is because fertility depends on many factors including beliefs, nutrition, mental capacity, way of life, and emotions. These factors trigger a single mind to become more open-minded about the basic foundation of life. It is not a misunderstanding through misconception. Although there are insights and beliefs that can manipulate the minds of people, it is a necessity that the world needs a strong establishment of moral responsibility. It would also help build a strong nation for future generations.

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What Do The Bark Off Reviews Say?

Whenever you see a tool like Bark Off that claims to stop or at least greatly reduce the amount of barking that your dog does, the first thought is usually skepticism.  What makes it more difficult is that when you read the Bark Off reviews most come from article directories online that are used for promotion of a site with an offer.  This isn’t bad, and a lot of these reviews are honest, but it makes it difficult to get a solid understanding of whether you can make good use of the product.

The best bet is to look up consume reports, compile a list of reviews from places like article directories, and then do a search engine query for the product name and then attach the term “complaints” to see what comes up.  If you see little in the way of complaints it is safe to assume that the device is of reasonable quality.  The natural inclination is to tell anyone you can when you receive poor service or are very dissatisfied with a purchase.  If there aren’t many results matching actual complaints, you can probably trust the reviews.

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Build My Rank for Contextual Backlinks

Backlinks have always been the driving force on how well your site is ranked in the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. The best backlinks are contextual or in content backlinks because Google perceives these kind of links to be very difficult to get and such they are rated very highly. A single contextual backlink may very well rank you higher than a thousand spam infested profile backlinks. Yes, you can throw in an article in an article directory with your contextual backlink nicely embedded in it but after the Farmer / Panda update, these directories have lost their marbles. Because Build My Rank has insisted on unique content for their blogs right from the beginning, they have not been affected by the Farmer Panda update. If you are serious about ranking highly for your sites then you need to get contextual backlinks from aged, authoritative and high PR blogs, just like the ones provided by Build My Rank.

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Leveraging your Article Writing Efforts with Spin Rewriter

One of the biggest headaches an online marketer faces every day is generating content. While some can just let their thoughts flow in to words, for the majority of us, writing articles or blog posts is not our cup of tea. You may have to spend valuable amount of your precious time just to write a single time or you might have to pay a writer for every single article you may need. It is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Fortunately for you, you can have a single article written and use spin rewriter to generate millions of unique and readable articles with just a touch of a button. Now imagine all those backlinks and syndication you will get with, say, a thousand well spun, readable and apparently unique articles. This is how the big marketers and gurus leverage their resources. With spin rewriter, you will be killing a thousand birds with one stone.

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DIY Spray Painting at Home

There are probably an equal number of people who love jobs like painting their home as there are people who absolutely detest the process. For the crowd that likes doing this type of work on their own, they are fine using brushes and rollers and probably relish the experience from picking a paint and getting the equipment lined up to give their walls a makeover. For the crowd that hates it, they can streamline the process and probably save quite a bit of money in the process by using a spray painter like the Paint Zoom.

Professional painters pretty much all use a spray painter for parts of any job they are using. Large surface areas just take too long with a roller and a brush. The Paint Zoom gives even the most inexperienced and reluctant painter a similar resource to use. It can also be used with a variety of coatings and stains for other types of jobs.

If you have a use for a tool like this at least two or three times per year, it is a tremendous value.

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The Drop Cast has been connecting our visitors with providers of Anemometer, Atomic Clocks, Barometers and many other related services for nearly 10 years through leading electronic stores like Radio Shack and the others.

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